Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Washington County participants for the Class of 2019.

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Karmin Compton

High School: Vernon High School

College Preference: Chipola College

Career Goals: Anesthesiologist

Talent: Spray Paint Art Demonstration (Intro, by The xx)

Aniko McFather

High School: Vernon High School

College Preference: Chipola

Career Goals: Working with animals

Talent: Colorguard (Sugar we're going down, by Fall out boy)

Zoe Shafer

High School: Holmes County High School

College Preference: University of Central Florida

Career Goals: Hospitality Management

Talent: Contemporary Dance (Skinny Love by Birdy, by T'ea Creamer)

ShanaRay Sheffield

High School: Vernon High

College Preference: Florida State University

Career Goals: Forensic Pathologist

Talent: Colorguard (The Breakup Song, by Francesca Battistelli)

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